Ryan Gosling Embraces His Fawning Internet Stalkers

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REUTERS/Jean-Paul Pelissier

It’s one thing to be the object of female affection. It’s another to have your handsomeness turned into an Internet meme.

Ryan Gosling makes serious movies. But that doesn’t mean he lacks a sense of humor. The Blue Valentine actor appears in a three-piece interview for MTV’s Rough Cut and discusses why women find him attractive, whether he’ll get married and, as an extra treat, he reads out a few of the posts from the “Hey girl” meme.

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Gosling’s Web trend stems from the blog F___ Yeah, Ryan Gosling. Go to the blog to see cutesy photos of Gosling adorned with messages like, “Hey girl, did you steal my shirt again? I’m fine now but I’m going to need a shirt if you want me to pick up those sammies for lunch.” Some are even topical like, “Hey Girl, since Tumblr’s been down, I wrote twenty songs about how great your hair smells” referring to Tumblr’s site crash on Dec. 5.

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Gosling isn’t weirded out — he finds them hilarious. Just another reason why Gosling’s so dreamy — which means the “hey girl” trend has that much more material. (Via NYMag)