WikiWecaps: The Internet Makes Sense of Cablegate

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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange holds up a copy of a newspaper during a press conference

REUTERS/Andrew Winning

Who said what about whom? Who has a beef with whom? Who can keep up? Because the real problem with the cables is keeping track of them.

Luckily, thanks to BoingBoing and Joe Sabia’s new video, “WikiWecaps Episode 1: Inside WikiLeaks ‘Cablegate'”, you can follow exactly which foreign diplomat insulted which other foreign diplomat all in 3:26 minutes of video.

(More on Did WikiLeaks Affect Britain and the U.S.’s Relationship)

And just in case you still have a hard time keeping up, there’s handy pop culture references (Old School, Paris Hilton) to help get you up to speed. (via Fark)