North Korea Thought Eric Clapton Could Foster ‘Good Will’ Towards the U.S.

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Eric Clapton. Getty Images

Because nothing makes people feel all warm and fuzzy like a live rendition of “Wonderful Tonight”, right?

If there is anything that the WikiLeaks’ cablegate has shown us, it’s that sometimes world leaders have some pretty out there ideas. Case in point: one of the leaked cables has revealed that North Korean officials were campaigning to have Eric Clapton play a concert in Pyongyang.

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Why Eric Clapton specifically, you might be asking. According to the cable, Kim Jong Il’s second son,¬†Kim Jong-chol, is a huge fan and officials thought that a live show would help foster ¬†feelings of “good will” in North Koreans towards the U.S.

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Now NewsFeed can readily understand wanting to see Clapton perform live (c’mon, the man’s a legend) but fostering good will towards America at large? We have our doubts. (via CNN)