Why Are YouTube’s Top Videos of 2010 So Popular?

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Just because a video goes viral doesn’t mean it’s actually good.

Take YouTube’s recently-released list of the most popular videos of the year. Subtracting the typically-dominating music video category, these viral hits contain a few gems (like the hilarious Old Spice commercials and Bieber-to-be Greyson Chance). But mostly, we have to wonder why they got so popular in the first place.

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The most popular video is “Bed Intruder Song,” an Auto-Tuned version of a video that exploits a young man’s rage about his sister’s attempted assault. Kind of a downer, no? Coming in second is a trying-too-hard, not-even-funny parody of Ke$ha, an artist who’s just too easy of a target. And in fourth place is a parody of an already-overdone Budweiser commercial, enacted by talking fruit.

Come on, Internet. Can’t you enjoy something of better quality? Videos #2-5 are below, and you can see the rest at YouTube.

2) Key of Awesome – “Glitter Puke”


3) Greyson Chance – “Paparazzi”


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4) Annoying Orange – “Wazzup”


5) Old Spice – “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”


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