Baby, Baby Please! Woman Sues Ex-Fiance for $100K in Wedding Costs

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Photo via the Daily

Message to awaiting bridegrooms who may be getting cold feet: think twice or you might wind up in court.

A suburban Chicago attorney made this clear when she decided to sue her ex-fiance for dumping her four days before their planned wedding last October, after she coughed up nearly — get this — $100,000. The Chicago Sun-Times reported Dominique Buttitta spent $30,000 on the banquet hall; $11,000 for floral arrangements and lighting; $10,000 on a live band; $5,000 on her bridal gown;  and $600 on her shoes.

It is not clear exactly why her ex-fiance Vito Salerno didn’t kick in any money for the wedding, but what is clear is that he kicked her to the curb causing the emotional distress for which Buttitta is also suing.

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Still, despite her broken heart (and busted wallet) , being the consumate professional barrister that she is, Buttitta put it all in writing to the guy who is likely the most hated man in America in wedding planner circles.

“It was agreed by you and me that the marriage ceremony was to be performed on October 2, 2010. I was on that date, ready and willing to marry you,” Buttitta wrote in her letter notifying Salerno of the lawsuit. “Further, please be advised that I am not still willing to marry you.”