Coolest Volcano Ever Discovered on Saturn’s Moon

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Instead of your typical molten lava, it at one time spewed ice and other awesome things into the atmosphere.

Scientists, who say they were shocked at the images, believe they have discovered the first evidence of an ice volcano on the surface of Saturn’s moon, Titan. Not only has it led to further speculation of life on the distant moon, but the cryovolcano is considered to be the largest in a string of several volcanoes that may have once spewed ice and hydrocarbons into the atmosphere.

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Just below the surface of Titan is an icy layer, so if any sort of internal heat begins erupting through the planet’s crust, it forces slushy liquid and gas to the surface, which is similar to what scientists have discovered on other icy moons. And on the question of whether life exists elsewhere, cryovolcanoes could bring any subsurface life forms to the top, where they could more easily be detected.

To see the cobbled together images of the ice volcano from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, go here.