The Top Facebook Status Trends Of 2010: All About Slang

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REUTERS/Thierry Roge

Natural disasters and pop music had Facebook users talking, but this year: Get ready for a vocabulary lesson.

As the web continues to dole out the top trends of the year, Facebook has released its own list full of this year’s usual suspects: tween singer Justin Bieber, the earthquake in Haiti and the amazing story of the Chilean miners – but the list’s top spot went to slang.

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Yes, the number one Facebook status trend of the year goes to “HUM,” slang for “hit me up.” Facebook’s blog notes that the acronym was used only a few times a day in early 2009, but eventually snowballed to more than 80,000 mentions a day – perhaps proving once and for all the network’s stronghold on culture.

Other trends included the World Cup, the earthquake in Haiti and yes – even Justin Bieber. See the full list below:

1.     HMU

2.     World Cup

3.     Movies

4.     iPad & iPhone 4

5.     Haiti

6.     Justin Bieber

7.     Games on Facebook

8.     Mineros/Miners

9.     Airplanes

10.   2011