Cuba Launches Its Own Version of Wikipedia

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We’d love to give you a deep analysis of its entries, but the site immediately crashed Wednesday.

But from what NewsFeed was able to cobble together, the new site is (not surprisingly) socialist-leaning, with close to 20,000 entries. was developed by a Cuban youth group that allows people to update entries with their prior approval. When NewsFeed visited to the site, all that showed up was: “El URL solicitado no se ha podido conseguir,” which we have translated as “Our servers are completely overloaded because we didn’t really think that many people would take notice. But the site’s open-source praise of Castro and criticism of the imperialistic United States will be back up in no time.”

Before it crashed, however, a few juicy entries leaked out.

On U.S.-Cuban relations: Washington views Cuba “like those who admire a beautiful fruit that will end up falling in their hands.”

On President George W. Bush: he has a family history of “dirty business, tricks and government intrigue” and “applied all possible dirty war tricks: clandestine jails, kidnappings, extrajudicial processes, wiretapping.”

On the United States: the country “consumes 25% of the energy produced on the planet and in spite of its wealth, more than a third of its population does not have assured medical attention.” It also has taken “by force territory and natural resources from other nations, to put at the service of its businesses and monopolies.”