It’s Never Too Late to Regret: 2010’s Most Memorable Apologies

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Matt Styles / AP

What’s more scintillating than a high-profile edition of “I’m sorry!”?

When it comes to erroneous behavior, celebrities are cut the least slack. Once word leaks about their wrongdoing, the domino rally of distress begins. From intrusive media members to compassionate-turned-critical fans, the spotlight never recedes until truth be told — to everyone.

With that in mind, TIME has catalogued the most memorable atonements of this past year.

Sometimes, the admission comes out in verse. That was the case with one of the world’s beloved country singers, who admitted her love was lacking toward a former significant other.

Other times, the wrongdoing surfaces on television. That was the reality for one of baseball’s once-beloved sluggers, whose success was tarnished by illegal needles.

For less ambitious souls, social media is always an option. That was the outlet for one pop star, who needed less than 140 characters to release his remorse over a racial epithet.

New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner. Seeking a few more examples to help prepare your own staple apology? Head over to for the full list.