The Greenest Restaurant in America? In Omaha, Of Course

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Bucket filled with assorted fresh vegetables

The Midwest takes the title of Greenest Restaurant in America. Eat your heart out, San Francisco.

It has only been a week since The Grey Plume — a seasonally-driven American-style restaurant in Omaha — opened, but already it has won the accolade of being the Greenest Restaurant in the U.S., as designated by the Green Restaurant Association (GRA). In addition to its locally grown menu and farm-to-table approach, the restaurant boasts the most GRA certification points of any U.S. establishment to date.

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Some of its green initiatives include LED lighting, construction of the bar, booths, doors and flooring from renewable or reclaimed wood, the use of compostable or recycled material in to-go packaging and a full-scale recycling and composting program. Even the bread trays are made of reclaimed wood.

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All that and you can eat there too! The menu includes items like Nebraska Rabbit, Dakota Harvest Lamb and Israeli cous cous. Good eats, indeed.