Assange Case Files Leaked: What Goes Around Comes Around?

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Paul Hackett / Reuters

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

The founder of WikiLeaks is (in)famous for blowing the whistle on governments by leaking documents and cables. Now the tables have turned on Julian Assange with the releasing of secret government documents about the rape charges filed against him — and in an ironic twist, his lawyers are furious.

According to the Atlantic Wire, the loud decry of the leaked government documents containing details of the rape charges against Assange is, according to his lawyers, “among the most audacious and least self-aware complaint of all time.”

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To add insult to injury for Assange, the Swedish police files were leaked to the Guardian, the same British newspaper that WikiLeaks handed thousands of U.S. diplomatic cables. His lawyers believe that the leaked documents unfairly damage his defense case and they are angered at what they allege is a political agenda behind the leaks.

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But whether they are being released by him or about him, it seems that leaks are synonymous with Julian Assange.