Did Christmas Hit Its Peak in the ’80s?

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That’s what British band The Futureheads thinks.

Departing from the sickly sweet sentiments of your typical Christmas song, these punk rockers lament that the holidays of their childhoods are over in their song, “Christmas Was Better in the ’80s.” The video is complete with footage of what seems like the band’s old home movies. Now, in dreary 2010, the band members are forced to lip-synch their song on a gray, dismal shore. At least for them, Christmas was way better two decades ago.

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True, the toys may have been cooler back then. Who wouldn’t want Transformers action figures? But in defense of 2010, Santa can bring the Kinect and let kids play video games without any controllers. “The snow was deeper in the ’80s,” the song goes. But that’s probably because they were smaller — and more innocent — back then. (via Vulture)

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