Step Aside, Scrooge: Celebrate National Humbug Day

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Holiday stress getting to you? Today’s the day to bring out your inner Ebenezer.

The craziness of the season is well known: planning, shopping, wrapping, and, inevitably, spending. Christmas comes but once a year, so we take the insanity in stride. But there comes a breaking point where we must air our grievances – and today, you’ll get a free pass. That’s right, it’s National Humbug Day, a day where it’s kosher to be crabby.

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Humbug Day was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy to allow people let off some steam before Christmas kicks in. Their instructions say you’re allowed 12 free humbugs on December 21st. Today’s the day to curse all things Christmas – overpriced toys, endless lines at the post office, and, of course, the havoc-wreaking snow across much of the country. How else will you celebrate?

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In honor of National Humbug Day, here are a couple of NewsFeed’s favorite holiday freakouts:

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