Have Cell Phones Killed the Landline Telephone?

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Pando Hall/Getty Images

Need further proof that cell phones have finally over taken landlines in communication’s version of survival of the fittest? A new study from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that young people lead the way in the communication revolution.

51% of 25-29-year-olds live in accommodations where wireless phones are the only mode of telephonic communication while people in their 20’s with young children continue the habit of using cell phones when they make a home together, are the primary findings of the study. The CDC study shows us that, overall, 27% of households in the U.S. depend solely on cell phones.

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“It’s a sign that wireless-only is no longer strictly tied to a lifestyle of being young and restless,” said Stephen Blumberg, a senior scientist at CDC and an author of the survey. With the daily incorporation of the cell phone into daily lives, mobile communication is likely to over-take the landline as America’s primary mode of communication, especially as this generation of 25-29 year olds age. However, the study does not suggest that landline telephones will be completely phased out.

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With rumors of the iPhone 5 coming into circulation next summer, as well as there being a long list of future smart phones which outdo the landline in almost every aspect of functionality (well, except battery life) it may just be that this spells the beginning of the end for one of the first modes of communication to bring us closer together. (Via CBS News)