Take a Break from Broadcasting Yourself: YouTube’s Most Viewed Ads of 2010

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Screenshot via YouTube.com

Hello readers. Look at your TV, now back to this post. Now back at your TV. Now back to this post. (Via Mashable)

This year, droves of viewers wanted to smell like one confident gent in a white towel. Isaiah Mustafa injected a new pulse into Old Spice’s 2010 marketing campaign — so much so that his intoxicating persona topped this year’s list of the most viewed ads on YouTube.

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If men’s fragrances fail to meet your interests, YouTube’s list of a dozen clips tackles greater life ‘issues’, from woman troubles complicating things for the E*Trade baby, to domesticated animals helping car owners switch to Geico.

Serving as the man your man could smell like, Mustafa also topped TIME’s list of the top 10 TV commercials of 2010. For men who already have swagger without Old Spice, staff writer Sean Gregory takes a look at Nike’s pair of winners — ‘Write the Future‘ and ‘What Should I Do?’

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