Would You Pay $300 for a Bowl of Noodles?

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One bowl of these noodles costs as much as a lifetime supply of Top Ramen. Enjoy responsibly.

NewsFeed was in college once. And sometimes a big bowl of ramen just hits the spot. It cooks in minutes, is filling, and is oh-so-satisfying to slurp. And in no way would we consider ramen “haute cuisine.” But one Taiwanese chef is spicing up the standard noodle soup, with a price tag that could break the bank. Restaurateur Wang Cong-yuan has created the world’s most expensive bowl of beef noodles. The price tag stands at $10,000 New Taiwan dollars – a staggering US$324.

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Mr. Wang, whose restaurant is named “Beef Father”, has cooked up a mouthwatering recipe for beef noodle soup, perfecting it over the past 15 years. There are no secret herbs and spices here. All the bowl contains is four ounces of noodles, five cubes of beef, one piece of tendon, and broth. The soup sounds exceedingly simple, but the delicacy is in the details.

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Mr. Wang uses beef from four countries, sliced optimally into four-inch cubes. He builds his broth with six different parts of the beef and seasons it with soy sauce, rock sugar, and Chinese five spice. The noodles can be customized according to the diner’s wishes, with 20 varieties of thick or thin, round or flat, to order.

But as for that hefty price tag: there’s no wiggle room there. (via Wall Street Journal)