Photos: The White House, Decked Out For Christmas Morning

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A model of Obamas' family dog Bo next to the gingerbread White House.


Inside Obama’s White House: a replica White House (made of gingerbread), a marzipan version of dog Bo and more Christmas trees than you can count.

The president’s Washington home has been elaborately outfitted for the holidays, with this year’s theme being “Simple Gifts.” Some of the decor is absolutely tiny. Inside the 350-pound, white chocolate-covered gingerbread replica White House is a miniature reproduction of the East Room (containing chocolate furniture), and there’s even a mini White House garden (also made of marzipan).

(Watch President Obama light the National Christmas Tree.)

But dog Bo is the true star of this year’s Christmas decorations. Besides the marzipan Bo, there is another Bo replica made of 40,000 twisted black and white pipe cleaners.

Even though the theme is “Simple Gifts,” much of the decoration throughout the White House is anything but simple, including the numerous Christmas trees throughout as well as large stone urns  filled with birch, beech and crystal branches.

So take a tour of the holiday-themed Obama White House through TIME’s photo gallery. And after you’re done, take this quiz to see how well you know the history of holiday festivities in the nation’s capital.

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