Bitter Battles in the Public Eye: The Top 10 Feuds of 2010

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(Left) Saul Leob / Getty Images; (Right) Charley Gallay / Wire Image

NewsFeed knows discipline is difficult, but can’t we all just get along?

Opinions are powerful perceptions — sometimes so powerful that people lose the ability to keep their thoughts to themselves. That was the theme behind this year’s list of the top 10 feuds.

There are times when fake news makes real news. That was the case surrounding the demise of one news anchor, whose tongue was unable to handle being the butt of several jokes on a popular Comedy Central show.

Then, there are trials that expose travails between high-profile witnesses. That was the conundrum for one judge sifting through two celebrities’ conflicting testimonies.

And last but not least, there are battles over ideologies that are near irreconcilable. That was the rage behind the war of words between a longstanding civil rights organization and nouveau political movement.

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