He’s Back: DJ Earworm’s United State of Pop 2010

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DJ Earworm's United State of Pop 2010 (Don't Stop the Pop) - Mashup of Top 25 Billboard Hits

Every year, DJ Earworm sums up the year in music by mashing up the top 25 of Billboard’s Hot 100 Hits. This year is no exception.

This year’s United State of Pop 2010 (Don’t Stop the Pop) is a fine blend of — deep breath required — Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Rihanna, B.O.B., Bruno Mars, Jason Derulo, Iyaz, Lady Gaga, Enrique Inglesias, Usher, Taio Cruz and more for a smooth taste of the musical year.

(See TIME’s top 10 songs of the year in Top 10 of Everything 2010.)

DJ Earworm, AKA Jordan Roseman is a mashup artist based in San Fransisco who’s annual United State of Pop has been around since 2007. His moniker, Earworm, means the compulsive repetition of a song in the mind — and most of the songs in the mashup have been relentlessly looping in our minds all year long.

(Hear DJ Earworm’s 2008 mix.)

DJ Earworm will no doubt be back in December 2011 for the next installment. NewsFeed can’t wait. (Via BuzzFeed.)