Ashton Kutcher Prepares for Armageddon — By Working Out

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REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

By now we have all heard the theories that the end of the world-as we know it-is nigh. Now Ashton Kutcher has let us in on his personal plan for surviving the end of days.

Kutcher is one of a growing number who have predicted a literally divine judgment or Armageddon or a great global cataclysm (depending on which interpretation or religion you are familiar with). In an interview with Men’s Fitness, Kutcher has explained what he thinks this will bring and how he is preparing for it: when all mod-cons are made obsolete by the unfolding events, he will be able to protect his family by the skills gained from the strict fitness regimen he is sticking to. “All of my physical fitness regimen is completely tailored around the end of day. I stay fit for no other reason than to save the people I care about,” Kutcher said.

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The actor has been trailing the canyons near his home, using them as his own personal training ground — cue the Rocky montage — and he hopes to learn to channel his energy when he most needs it through daily bikram yoga sessions. To top off his physical arsenal he is learning the Israeli combat technique taught to special forces, Krav Maga. Oh and just in case, when the moment of judgment arrives and this all fails, he is also stocking up on a collection of firearms.

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It sounds a little crazy — but when the worlds ends, Kutcher could certainly be the last star standing. (Via Huffington Post)