UK Burger King Introduces The Brussels Sprouts Whopper

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Image via Burger King Facebook.

So America gets the Double Down and Britain gets Brussels sprouts? It hardly seems fair.

In honor of Christmas, select UK BKs are offering the Sprout Surprise Whopper, which takes their classic sandwich and adds Brussels sprouts in what appears to be some sort of patty form.

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If this addition makes you go, “Huh?” then you seem to fall in with the majority of the public’s reaction. While Brussels sprouts are a classic British Christmas side dish, their inclusion in fast food hasn’t been a wild success.

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However, BK remains confident that the veggie addition will win people over in the end. Britain’s Burger King Facebook page stated that they’re “confident that The King can make even Brussels Sprouts taste good!”

Um, good luck with that. (via Eater)