According to Ebert: The Oscar-Worthy NYC Blizzard Video

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Still from Jamie Stuart's film "Idiot with a Tripod." Via YouTube.

Sometimes, going out in the storm pays off.

Especially if you’re a talented filmmaker hoping to capture New York City’s 2010 “snowpocolypse.” That’s exactly what Jamie Stuart did on December 26, to shoot a video of the horrendous blizzard slamming the city. The end result is pretty remarkable.


What’s more, he filmed and edited the whole movie in about 24 hours–he sent a link to Roger Ebert on December 27th, which impressed the revered movie critic so much, he deemed the video worthy of a short film Oscar.

Not bad for a snowy day of work. Oh, and watch for NewsFeed’s favorite part–the dog about 2:30 minutes in. Priceless. (via Roger Ebert’s Journal)