Google Doodle Wishes You A Happy New Year’s Eve

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Google Homepage

Even Google is ready to party!

Well, 2010 has been a good year for Google Doodles–we’ve seen Jane Austen, John Lennon and Rosa Parks all be honored with Google’s commemorative illustrations–but the year isn’t quite over yet. And today’s Doodle reminds us that there’s one more (major) celebration to be had this year.

Google transformed their traditional homepage by adding the Roman numerals MMXI (for 2011) to their logo and adding images of fireworks.

NewsFeed didn’t really need another reminder that tonight’s going to be a party and we’re sure you didn’t either. But it’s still nice to see that all too familiar celebratory Doodle.

Oh, and for the morning after the party, here is TIME’s list of hangover cures. You’re welcome.