Grimace at the Gate: America’s Ugliest Airports

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LaGuardia Airport


There are plenty of things to complain about when flying, from TSA screeners potentially touching your junk to delays and cancellations caused by snow (or volcanoes). And then there’s the airports themselves.

TheStreet has put together a list of the five ugliest airports in the U.S., ranking them with the help of readers, who weighed in once the pool had already been reduced to six possibilities. New York’s LaGuardia took the number one spot, while Kennedy International came in next — despite two of its terminals appearing on TheStreet’s previous list: The Four Most Beautiful Airport Terminals.

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Most airports on the ugly list, apparently, did not want to comment. But Jeff Lea, spokesman for the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (third-ugliest) defended his hub and noted that the “survey isn’t very scientific.”

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According to the list, you could also find yourself in one of the ugliest airports in the country when traveling in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.