Reading While Eating for December 31: Our New Year’s Wishes

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A couple stand at illuminated Plac Baczynskiego in Tychy, southern Poland, December 29, 2010.

REUTERS/Radoslaw Kazmierczak/Agencja Gazeta

Friday’s links celebrate 2010 with its true essence: nerds.

Suing Mad: The Winklevoss twins, immortalized in The Social Network, are still angry at Mark Zuckerberg for, they say, stealing their idea for Facebook. And they’re still taking legal action. (New York Times)

Hiding Hits: You might not have heard of Lady Antebellum, but you’ve heard their songs on repeat all year. Here’s why the bland band hit big. (Slate)

Sweet Cinephiles: You’d think the founder of IMDb would be sick of movies by now. But he and his wife still have their Tuesday movie night tradition. (Telegraph)

Movie Map: For a great timewaster, scroll through this interactive graphic of 2010 box-office earnings. (Vulture)

Downsizing: Talk about going green — these architects turned old houses into house-shaped sticky notes. (The Daily What)

All That Jazz: Happy New Year! Keep your party sophisticated like these classic New Year’s party shots. (LIFE)

Elsewhere on Geek became chic in 2010. So check out the year’s 25 best nerds.

Must See: Laugh your way out of 2010 with this spot-on parody of the technology we depended on this year.