Out of His Comfort Zone: Florida Man Living with Lions for 30 Days

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NewsFeed hopes he’s a cat person. Because these are some pretty large cats. 

A Tampa-area man is bringing new meaning to the phrase “entering the lion’s den:” the literal one. James Jablon will live alongside the lions at the center he runs, Wildlife Rehabilitation of Hernando, for the whole month of January. His housemates are Lea and Ed, two African lions, and Jablon has vowed to live like them.

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The Spring Lake, Fla. man will eat “regular cooked food,” rationed to one square meal a day. He’ll be served in the evening when Lea and Ed are devouring 14 pounds of raw meat as their dinner. He’ll sleep next to the lions too, on a sure-to-be-painful bed of hay.

Jablon is moving in with the lions as a stunt to raise money for the wildlife center. It’s unclear what he’ll be doing on the day-to-day – but NewsFeed anticipates a solid amount of eating and sleeping.  If you’re curious, though, the whole experience/ordeal will be streamed live on the center’s website – so we can see the lions and Jablon interacting in real time.

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It’s like Big Brother, but with housemates that you definitely don’t want to make angry.

(via WTSP)