Partying Pays Off in the World Series of Beer Pong

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Claire Corbin /

With a $50,000 prize at stake, you can prove to your parents that your college education really was worth it.

For the frat bros who may have spent a few too many hours studying re-racks and rollbacks in college, your time for redemption has come. Imagine being declared the world champion of beer pong. It will be reality for one thirsty team, to be crowned Tuesday at the Las Vegas-based World Series of Beer Pong.

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Now in its sixth year, the WSOBP is hosting a whopping 507 teams from nearly every state and a handful of countries who came ready to sink and drink. Because it’s all about the trash talk, too, teams armed themselves with ominous names, like the liquor aficionados of “Four Lokos For Breakfast”, the cocky “You SUCK Shut Up,” and the simple-but-effective “BOOM!”

Though don’t count on a sloppy situation at the WSOBP. Tournament co-founder Billy Gaines told AOL News that they monitor players’ consumption to keep it under control. They’re only allotted one beer per game, and the rest of the cups are filled with water.

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“We’re trying to get people to see beer pong as more than just a drinking game. It’s evolved so much more beyond that,” said Gaines. It’s a noble endeavor, but as long as Busch Light and Keystone are poured into red Solo cups in sweaty frat basements, beer pong probably won’t evolve. (via AOL News)