Reports: Brits Prefer King-Size In The Bedroom

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Parents with kids in bed. Getty Images

Furniture shops in the U.K. are reporting that more king-size beds are being sold than ever before. What did you think we were talking about?

British chains such as Tesco and John Lewis have seen the sales of larger beds rise over the last few years, with a dramatic jump over the last year. Numbers from Tesco show that king-size bed sales have increased by a colossal 45 percent in the last year and John Lewis says their top-selling bed was a king-size.

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So how come bigger is all of a sudden better in Britain? It’s not just the fact that the people have grown (up and out) and they require bigger beds, though that does factor into the change.

But the most significant changes, according to Brain Lawrence of the British Institute of Interior Design, are the activities being done in bed. “Today, a bed is not just to sleep in; it’s more,” he said. “People want more room in their beds because they have become a social space.”

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The bedroom socializing Lawrence is referring to probably isn’t exactly the racy party you’re picturing–honestly NewsFeeders, what’s with you today?–apparently, more and more people are using the master bed as a space for the whole family to sleep, watch television, or just spend time together.

So let’s hope this finally puts the age-old “is bigger better?” question to rest. (via the Telegraph)