Border Patrol: Thousands of Fake Shake Weights Seized in Savannah

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This is not a workout. This is a revolution — led by counterfeit manufacturing. (Via Consumerist)

Sift your way through the aisles of treasures in Bed Bath & Beyond and one table stands out among the rest. Your television isn’t playing tricks on you — the Shake Weight is a real business “gem,” ready to tone your arms in just six minutes.

(See the Shake Weight and other products in TIME’s 25 worst infomercials.)

With weight loss topping the list of New Year’s Resolutions consumers struggle to keep, an unknown exporter in China timed its shipments well. The Associated Press reports that 1,783 pieces of fake exercise equipment were apprehended at the port of Savannah on Monday. The fraudulent goods also included versions of Body by Jake, Total Core and other call-now crazes.

(Watch a demonstration of how to use the Shake Weight.)

No word yet on whether the counterfeit products were better quality than the real versions advertised on television.