Dumb Criminal: Craigslist Car Thief Foiled By Own Tactic

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Nissan Maxima. Getty Images.

What goes around, comes around. Especially if it’s a Nissan Maxima.

A man in Brooklyn must have been kicking himself after losing his car to a thief in what could be called the oldest trick in the book. That is until he pulled the same stunt on the thief and got his car back.

A young man in Brooklyn posted a for-sale ad for his Nissan Maxima on Craigslist and when a prospective buyer, Valsyl Lazoryshyn, came to check out the car, they went for a ride together.

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But when Lazoryshyn asked to get behind the wheel, the transaction quickly went sour. As the trusting car owner (who for some reason, wanted to remain unnamed) got out of the vehicle to let Lazoryshyn into the driver’s seat, Lazoryshyn seized his opportunity–and the car–by peeling away, leaving the owner looking on.

So what do you do when you fall for such an obvious ploy? Hang your head in shame? Head to the nearest bar to drink away your sorrow? Weep? Perhaps. Or you could just pull the same stunt, which is the option this guy chose.

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Scanning Craigslist later that night, he came across an ad for a suspiciously familiar Nissan Maxima and acting on the advice of Shomrim, an Orthodox Jewish anti-crime patrol, he posed as a buyer and arranged to meet the supposed car seller.

And sure enough, Lazoryshyn showed up with the stolen car and was nabbed by the police. Karma! (via New York Post)