Piles of Garbage Saved New York Man Attempting Suicide

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Garbage bags which broke the fall of a would-be suicide jumper at 325 West 45th Street in New York.

REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

The aftermath of the December 26 blizzard that paralyzed New York saved one man’s life.

After attempting to jump to his death from his ninth-floor apartment, 26-year-old Vanelis Kapatos survived the 100-foot fall, landing in a heap of  garbage bags awaiting collection.

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Kapatos is said to have jumped from his home on West 45th Street after being threatened with eviction.

Piles of trash have covered the city’s sidewalks since more than a foot of snow fell last week. Garbage collection has been halted since Christmas weekend, due to the snow and abandoned vehicles in the streets.

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New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has come under fire for the city’s poor response to the storm. Mayor Bloomberg admits the response was “inadequate and unacceptable.” Yet for one person, it made all the difference. (via Sky News)