Will You Marry Me, Dana? Or Any Other Groupon Stranger?

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Greg's Groupon proposal for Dana.

Nothing says romance like discounts. And nothing says marital bliss like a $1 price tag.

At least that’s what a man from Cincinnati named Greg thought as he proposed marriage (valued at $999,999) to Dana on Groupon, with a savings of $999,998. Greg’s proposal, the first in the site’s history, is titled “A Surprise for a Dana from a Greg.”

(See the debate over a wedding diamond.)

Fortunately for Greg, his originality prevailed. By clicking “buy,” Dana purchased the $1 bargain marriage proposal.

Groupon, the site that rejected Google’s $6 billion dollar bid last month, offers its customers daily deals in their cities, while promising businesses a minimum number of consumers.

(See the Q&A with Groupon founder Andrew Mason.)

If you too would like to snatch this deal, you’ll receive the message, “Congratulations Dana or Stranger. You are now unofficially obliged to marry Greg!” (via TechCrunch)