Life in the Fast Lane: Man Rides Electric Wheelchair Along Interstate 95

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Getty Images

The sight of this elderly gentleman must have made some drivers lose their minds. (Via WABC)

On Thursday afternoon, conditions on the Connecticut Turnpike featured some above-average humor. Riders usually plagued by the sight of countless trucks added a new nuisance to the equation — an electric wheelchair. WABC-TV in New York reported that the Constitution State’s DOT cameras captured the senior citizen cruising along the shoulder of the southbound lanes on Interstate 95. Police were unable to capture him until he exited the expressway in Fairfield, leading to a summons.

Perhaps the unnamed man was looking to party like it was 1999. Enthusiasts of The Straight Story will recall Alvin Straight’s journey across the country — in a John Deere tractor. Based on Thursday’s footage, technology has paved the way for faster roadside travel options.