‘Not Many People Know That:’ Michael Caine Has a Michael Caine Impression

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The venerable British actor Michael Caine must hold the twin records for appearing in more movies than anyone else and having a voice that has been subjected to more impersonations than anyone else. But could the actor himself do a good version of it?

You can’t go too far in the U.K. without hearing a member of the public forcing his/her attempt at Caine’s dulcet tones on everyone else. The most oft-heard tend to be, “My Name Is Michael Caine,” “Not many people know that,” and, of course, “You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!”

(See a TIME interview with Caine.)

And Caine is certainly a good sport, as this video, which has been doing the viral rounds, perfectly proves. Going on Michael Parkinson’s talk show, Caine doesn’t just address the fact that he’s the subject of much mirth but proceeds to give it a go himself. So sit back and enjoy Caine doing Caine and having the good grace to acknowledge that, “I sound like a bloody moron!” Perhaps so, Michael, but not as much as the rest of us. (via The Awl.com)