Commuters Show Some Leg for Improv Everywhere’s No Pants Subway Ride

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REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi

Did you notice a crowd of pantsless youths commuting around your city yesterday? No, that wasn’t a bad dream.

It was the merry pranksters of Improv Everywhere, taking part in their annual No Pants Subway Ride. In New York City alone, 3,500 riders dropped trou on Sunday, and the event took place in 50 cities around the world, in 24 countries. That adds up to quite a few confused bystanders.

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In New York City, riders started at various points around the city’s boroughs. They stepped on the subway fully clothed, then simply took off their pants like nothing was amiss. The key to the prank is to act like there’s nothing unusual about disrobing on the subway. And given the surly nature of the typical train traveler, observers tend to simply roll their eyes and get back to their Kindles.

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Improv Everywhere doesn’t just consist of pantsless hipsters. The group is also responsible for stunts like dressing beachgoers in black-tie attire, sending a few Ghostbusters to the New York Public Library and giving throngs of participants instructions via mp3. The group’s goal is to “cause scenes of chaos and joy in public places.” And if exposed legs in the dead of winter gave a few people joy Sunday afternoon, that’s all that matters.

See video of last year’s No-Pants Subway ride below. (via Improv Everywhere)