Peyton Manning Is the Most Marketable NFL Player

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REUTERS/Mark Blinch

Tom Brady has more Superbowl rings and Brett Favre certainly has more flashy “retirement” announcements, but Peyton Manning has them both beat when it comes to one thing: marketing.

With some $15 million in endorsements, Manning led the NFL pack this year in N-score, which gauges the brand impact of pro-athletes and helps advertisers decide who to hire for commercial endorsements. Calculated by The Nielsen Company, which is best known for measuring television viewership, the ranking takes into account the public awareness of the player, the athlete’s overall appeal and their personal attributes such as leadership and trustworthiness.

Manning’s “good guy” appeal has landed him endorsement campaigns with DirectTV, Gatorade, Mastercard, Oreo and Sony. The Indianapolis Colts quarterback has also won accolades for appearances on Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons.

But while Manning may bring in the most today, according to the Wall Street Journal, no quarterback has ever been as marketable as Brett Favre. Though given his scandal and injury-tainted season this year, Newsfeed is pretty sure his advertising glory days are over.