First Earth-Like Planet Found in Space

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Kepler-10b is the first planet to be Earth-like, mostly made up of rock (Kepler Mission / Dana Berry / NASA)

Kepler 10-b, a new rocky Earth-like planet found by NASA, could be the missing link between Earth and the rest of the galaxy by being the first possible habitable planet found in the universe.

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Unique to other known planets, Kepler 10-b is made of mostly rock, whereas most planets consist of gas or ice. Just 40% larger than Earth, it is the smallest planet besides Earth found. Because of its characteristics, it is a crucial piece in the search for possible life.

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Astronomers have long speculated that such planets do exist, but Kepler wasn’t discovered until a telescope in Hawaii sensed its gravitational pull.  Read the full report by TIME’s Michael Lemonick.