The Primetime Pastor: Is Ted Haggard the Next Big Reality TV Star?

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For TLC, apparently, it’s out with Palin and in with the outed. Ted Haggard, the onetime anti-gay gay preacher will be debuting on cable this weekend — as the star of his very own reality television show.

In 2006, a male prostitute named Mike Jones was watching television and noticed that a preacher railing against gay marriage happened to be one of his regular patrons — Ted Haggard, the then president of the National Association of Evangelicals.

Incensed over the hypocrisy, Jones went public and the ensuing firestorm brought an end to Haggard’s run as one of the country’s leading evangelicals.

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Having already embarked on the first steps of an ambitious resurrection campaign, Haggard is now primed to roll out a new reality TV series, titled (provocatively enough) Scandalous. Scheduled to premiere this Sunday, Jan. 16, Haggard is hoping to project a comeback of sorts, rebounding from his very public fall from grace.

In the four years since Jones first spoke up, Haggard has claimed to have been “cured” of homosexual urges, and has even opened a new non-denominational church, the St. James Church in Colorado Springs, Colo.

In the upcoming series, Haggard says he will address head on his experience of living through the scandal, as well as the financial fallout he suffered as a result.