Wicked Goes Primetime: ABC Turns Musical Into Miniseries

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<i>Wicked</i>, the musical — not to be confused with the book, which is now becoming a miniseries.


At what point can you say that a story has seen too many adaptations?

Dorothy’s saga in the Land of Oz began as a book in 1900. Then came the play, and then the movie. And then the novel, and the musical.

And now a movie based on the musical.

Next up: Apparently a miniseries based on the novel. (Read about the Wizard of Oz’s Rerelease.)

Actress-producer Selma Hayek is developing an eight-hour miniseries adaptation of Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, the bestselling novel by Gregory Maguire, the text upon which the popular musical is based. Along with Hayek and Jose Tamez’s Ventanarosa Productions, ABC Studios  will produce the miniseries.

(Read about the Wizard of Oz remake.)

This Wicked will be more of a parallel story to The Wizard of Oz , rather than its prequel, as is the musical, which Universal is currently developing as a film.

Keeping score at home? (via TV Line)