Snooki, the 11-Year-Old and the Makeover: The Day the Innocence Died

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“You’re never too young to look bangin,'” says Snooki, the loudmouth star of MTV’s Jersey Shore.

Which might explain why Snooki’s giving a fresh-faced 11-year-old girl, Jessica, a makeover in a video for AOL’s “You’ve Got…” series.

To get the “Snookified” look, the reality star piles bronzer—the “most essential thing to being a Guidette”—blush, eye shadow and pink lipstick on Jessica’s face, before teasing her hair into Snooki’s signature pouf.

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A lot of hair spray and a dash of animal print later, Snooki reveals a madeover Jessica whom she dubs “mini Snooki.” NewsFeed thinks Snooki’s styling is, umm, questionable, at best. But even more puzzling to us—where were the girl’s parents?! (via AOL)

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