Snow Covers Every U.S. State, Except for Florida

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Snow batters the U.S., leaving only Florida unscathed

The snowpocalypse just isn’t happening in the Northeast.

Winter has left every single state in the U.S. covered in snow, with only sunny Florida eluding its grasp.

The white stuff is covering close to 70 percent of the United States, leaving 32 states with weather advisories. Even in areas where it infrequently snows, like Texas, have been affected. Meanwhile, Florida seems to be the odd one out, without a single inch of snow.

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The Hartford, Conn. area is expecting the biggest pileup of snow, with 15-20 inches predicted to end up on the ground.

According to CNN, the odds of having snow among 98 percent of all 50 states are pretty atypical, but it may be uncommon for meteorologists to track that figure at all. (via CNN)

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