Steven Tyler, Now on Idol, Says New Aerosmith Album on the Way

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Steven Tyler

Chris Pizzello/AP

The new Idol judge is extremely keen to state that his new role doesn’t mean that the death of Aerosmith is nigh. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

Steven Tyler might be getting set to crush the hopes of many an aspiring singer (as well as making dreams come true for some of them) but he firmly believes that he can still multi-task, after confirming he wanted to start work on a much-delayed new Aerosmith album later this month. “We are just on a break. We are still rocking big time,” the 62-year-old said, albeit while promoting the new season of Idol.

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Tyler was intent (possibly a little too intent) on rubbishing rumors that the legendary act, who haven’t recorded a studio album since 2001 and had to deal with a 2009 feud between Tyler and his bandmates, were done and dusted.  “It’s not dead. It couldn’t be dead,” he claimed, referring to this iconic band that has been going for 40 years, selling more than 150 million albums in the process.

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But if Tyler manages to get his and the rest of the group back on track (if you excuse the pun), it could rank up there with his greatest achievements. Consider: it’s going to be pretty tough finding the time to get into the recording studio as Tyler undergoes a grueling four months of twice-weekly live TV, what with Idol beginning its 10th season on January 19. And guitarist Joe Perry hasn’t exactly been encouraging, as he told the Calgary Herald that Idol was, “one step above Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles … It’s his business, but I don’t want Aerosmith’s name involved with it.”

Steven Tyler then: judge, rock star, music veteran and about to add diplomat to his ever growing resume. (via Reuters)