The 2,011 Chicken Wings in 2011 Challenge: How Ryan Hohman Can Achieve His Meaty Milestone

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By now, many of us are well on our way to abandoning our fleeting New Year’s Resolutions. But one man has set a quantifiable goal for himself. Ryan Hohman wants to eat 2,011 chicken wings in 2011.

As of Sunday afternoon’s Green Bay Packers thriller, 27-year-old Hohman wrote on his Facebook page, he’s eaten 54 wings. Eleven days in, and the New Yorker has eaten a mere five wings per day. Our quick math says that he’ll have to keep a pace of 5.5 wings a day. Now, NewsFeed understands the deliciousness of wings, but come fall and winter, Hohman’s going to be SO OVER his “New Year’s Resolution.”

Hohman should strive for greatness early to ensure he doesn’t falter down the road. NewsFeed has 5 tips on how he can easily scarf down 2,011 wings by December 31st, with time (and hopefully, space in his stomach) to spare:

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1. It’s All About the Sauce

Hohman will have to mix it up constantly. From barbeque to buffalo, breaded to boneless. The possibilities really are endless, and as long as he takes advantage of various sauces and dressings, it will seem like a different meal each time.

2. Stuff Yourself at Each Sitting

Power through it, dude. Eat as many as you possibly can in a single sitting. Each wing gets you closer to the end. No pain, no gain!

3. Learn to Love Every Sport

He’ll have to relax his mind while eating so many wings, and what better match than sports. Surely Hohman will chow down while watching football, and probably during basketball games, too. But he’ll have to learn to pair wings with hockey, baseball, golf and maybe even ice dancing.

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4. A Good Brew Can Tame the Fire

The right beer can make wings a magical experience. A crisp, golden Goose Island 312 can cool the fire of even the most nuclear piece of chicken. The bold and hoppy Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA can add bite to a tame barbeque wing.

5. Wash Each Meal Down with an Antacid Cocktail

A hefty dose of Pepcid or Tums will be Hohman’s best friend as he works toward his magic number. NewsFeed can picture the flames shooting from his chest – and that will certainly kill the desire to continue.

NewsFeed wishes we had made such a delicious New Year’s Resolution. Maybe next year. You can follow Hohman as he strives toward greatness (and heartburn) on Twitter. (via Asylum)