New Zealand Saves Beached Whale; Others Die

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A beached whale in Alaska, 1989 (Getty)

New Zealand volunteers and conservation rescuers have managed to save a beached whale, refloating it in the water, after it had become displaced with four other whales on New Zealand’s North Island.

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The whale, a juvenile, was the only whale saved.  Rescuers were not able to reach the four adults in time. It is not known whether an entire pod had been stranded, and if the youngster would be able to survive by itself. Volunteers and conservation officials are remaining in the area initially to help it if it is needed.

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The four beached adults are planned to be buried in the sand dunes. The Gray Beaked whales, named for its distinctive beak, regularly get stranded on the country’s beaches. It is not known why it happens so often. (via Washington Post)