Our Favorite Ophiuchus Celebs: Ozzy Osbourne, Woody Allen, Ted Nugent

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Buyenlarge / Getty Images

The viral mileage from the “new” data about the zodiac keeps coming. First with the rebuttal of the astrological community against the very notion that they’ve been wrong for hundreds of years, and now with research on which celebrity falls under the nearly unpronounceable neophyte sign Ophiuchus.

Thanks to LIFE.com, there’s a gallery of A-Listers who are represented by the guy in the sky fighting a snake. NewsFeed is partial to 2010’s breakout Hip-Hop vixen Nicki Minaj (Dec. 8); rock legend Ozzy Osbourne (Dec. 3); and filmmaker and director Woody Allen (Dec. 1).  So now, if you were born around this time of year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you can pretty much accurately compare yourself to a whole new slew of celebrities and swear they are just like you.

Be warned: if you’re one of the people who are rejecting the New Zodiac, you run the risk of not being in the same league with Ted Nugent and Jamie Foxx (both (Dec. 13) or Billy Idol (Nov. 30).

See LIFE.com’s full list here.