Argentine Authorities Size Up Unpaid Taxes on Breast Implants

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You wouldn’t think they’d go unnoticed. The taxes, that is.

But Argentines are reportedly notorious for evading the taxman, with many preferring to pay with wads of cash to make tracing transactions more difficult. Plastic surgeons are among those who have benefited most, and now they’re accused of underestimating their earnings and underpaying their taxes.

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But now the South American country is looking to collect what’s due from the dodgy surgeons. “According to a preliminary assessment, the companies and self-employed people working in the business are suspected of evading 40 million pesos ($10 million) in income tax,” the AFIP tax agency said in a statement.

But it’s not just surgeons that are facing extra expenses. Argentine authorities are targeting luxury importers for unpaid taxes, as authorities reportedly seized TVs and DVD players from a cruise ship that docked in Buenos Aires last month. Bank robbery victims are also under fire, after thieves stole millions from safety deposit boxes that contained unreported income. But breast enlargements are seeing the most attention from the taxmen, after they calculated nearly $15 million in imported implants went untaxed over the past few years.

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NewsFeed is sure the inspectors took a long look – at the data – before seizing the assets. (via Yahoo News)