Gummy Genius: Jelly Belly Inventor Creates Realistic Candy Heart, Blood, Urine

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Courtesy of Can You Imagine That! Inc.

This is one candy heart that’s sure to gross out your Valentine.

It’s served in a Styrofoam tray and charged by the pound, but this is not your average chunk of meat. David Klein’s candy heart is a sugary, delicious confection, with a hefty dose of realism. The 2.5-pound heart is anatomically correct and actually bleeds (candy blood, of course) when bitten in 11 certain places. It may be all sugar and sweetness, but the looks of this heart might inspire more disgust than affection.

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Of all people, Klein would know about gummy goodness: he’s the creator of Jelly Belly jelly beans. With decades in the candy creation business, he’s decided to take his talents to a grander scale. But growing up doesn’t always mean maturing. Klein’s delicious inventions include candy barf and a gummy bloody nose.  One of Klein’s top sellers is his special “Formula Pee,” served in an authentic doctor’s office container. Reportedly tasting like sour lemonade, you’re sure to attract a few wild-eyed stares when consuming the fake urine.

But for those with a massive sweet tooth, it doesn’t matter what you’re chomping on, as long as it’s delicious. Just think of the bleeding candy heart as a giant jelly bean. (via AOL News)