Jersey Vs. CNN: The Ultimate Showdown Between Joy Behar and Snooki

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Snooki's Joy Behar Parody airs on <i>The Joy Behar Show</i>

Now Joy Behar, didn’t your mother ever tell you not to pick fights with short, strong-willed guidettes?

Throwing the first punch against Jersey Shore star Snooki on her self-named talk show, The Joy Behar Show, Behar hosted a panel to discuss the, eh-hem, literary merit of Snooki’s new novel A Shore Thing.

“From the excerpts I’ve read she’s going to be the next Charles Dickens,” declared Behar.

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Snooki retaliated with this eight-minute YouTube gem on her channel SnookTV, suggesting Behar’s animosity towards all fun loving guidos and guidettes stems from her childhood during the Great Depression.


“These Jersey Shore kids are disgusting,” Snooki says, mocking Behar. “You know why I don’t like them because I’m f***ing Joy and these people ruined my life back in high school.”

Escalating the debate, Behar responded to Snooki’s video on her show.

“Like I said, I didn’t know they allow cameras into AA meetings,” Behar nabbed at the video.

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Have we seen the last of the feud? NewsFeed’s nervous to see who will have the last word. (via YouTube Trends)