Supersize Your Coffee: Starbucks Debuts the “Trenta”

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REUTERS / Joel Boh

A Starbucks coffee cup in Hong Kong

Hey, caffeine addicts, Starbucks has a new size for you if your decaf Venti soy almond cappuccino simply isn’t cutting it–it’s the Trenta, and it’s going to supersize your much needed fix in the morning.

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But there’s a catch: it’ll only be available for iced coffee, iced tea and iced tea lemonade drinks. The Trenta is seven ounces bigger than the Venti, and will cost about 50 cents more than the currently-priced Venti drinks. Starbucks also promises that the drinks will be kept to less than 230 calories, nipping all those calorie increase concerns in the bud.

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The Seattle-based coffee chain is rolling out its new size on Tuesday to 14 states, which include Texas, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, and more. Sunny Californians will have to wait until February 1st. There’s no word yet when it will roll out to all 50 states. (via MSNBC)