Weekend Wrap-Up: A Trio of Floods, Tunisia Unrest, Jets Triumph

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Ray Kachatorian / Getty

Happy Monday, NewsFeeders! We hope most of you are still home in your pajamas enjoying a three-day weekend in honor of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

But whether you’re lounging around the house or back in the office for just another Monday, we realize you’ve been tuned out for the past few days. Not to worry, NewsFeed hasn’t taken a vacation, and we’re glad to bring you back into the loop.

Unrest Continues in Tunisia: Following Friday’s fleeing of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, riots and broke out Saturday afternoon, fueled mainly by Ben Ali loyalists. The military quickly stepped in to control the chaos, and parliament leader Fouad Mebazaa was instated as the interim president. But food and gas shortages abound as Tunisia attempts to get back to normal. (via TIME, and CNN has the essential facts.)

Flooding Ravages Three Continents: Brazil, Australia, Sri Lanka and the Philippines are attempting to dry off after record rainfall has led to massive flooding. More than 600 are dead in southeastern Brazil after rushing water triggered mudslides. Queensland, Australia remains on edge as overflowing rivers continue to drench Brisbane, the country’s third largest city.

A Weekend of Beauty and Fame: On Saturday evening the youngest Miss America since 1921 was crowned. Miss Nebraska Teresa Scanlan, 17, claimed the title after wowing the judges with a piano solo. But the shocker of the evening was Miss Arkansas’ talent: ventriloquism. (via People)

Sunday followed with more beautiful people, this time strutting the red carpet in Beverly Hills at the Golden Globes. Celebrities ate, drank and celebrated, and oh yeah, there were some awards splayed in between. And most of the presenters were funnier than host Ricky Gervais. But the top dog was no surprise: The Social Network took home prizes for best drama picture, best director, and best original score. Glee did well in the TV category, with best supporting actor Chris Colfer, best actress Jane Lynch and best TV comedy. (via EW)

Pigskin Prevails: The NFL pushed one week closer to the Super Bowl with this weekend’s Division playoffs on both Saturday and Sunday. The Ravens-Steelers rivalry was a battle of the defenses, with 11 sacks between the two QBs. A Steelers TD in the last minutes of the game sealed the deal, 31-24. After a week of trashtalking, the Jets sent the Patriots packing 28-21, and will move on to play the Steelers for the AFC championship.

The Bears easily soared 35-24 over the Seahawks, who couldn’t continue their shocking postseason run after going 5-7 in regular season play. They face a classic battle next week against the Packers, who had no trouble tearing up the Falcons, 48-21, with a nearly perfect Aaron Rodgers throwing for 366 yards. (via Bleacher Report)

Wikipedia Marks a Milestone: 10 years ago Saturday, the online encyclopedia published its first article. And there’s been millions of pages added since. It’s a source of any information, real or fake, mainstream or bizarre. NewsFeed looks at some of the wackiest articles.

Viral Video: As if you needed another PSA about texting and, well, doing pretty much anything else… be warned that you may be recorded on CCTV. And the people behind the cameras are watching – and laughing hard.